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     The Members of THE 777's

            FortyGHOST 777: Founder ¥  
 In memory of the one who brought the best out in us all 
"Say what you mean, Mean what you say"  

  1. Zombyeater777: Clan leader and Co¥   Located in Indiana, United States of America
  2. EliteSPECTRE777: Second Officer¥  Located in Oregon, USA 
  3. LIZBET777: Third Officer¥   Located in Texas, USA
  4. Gruntsnipes: Fourth Officer¥   Located in Orlando, Florida, USA
  5. donniecroom777: Fifth Officer¥   Location Atlanta, GA
  6. xMysteryScentx
  7. Top Dog213: Located San Diego, 
  8. AEGISclass777: Located Texas
  9. Zombie Of CoD2: Location Memphis, TN

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