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Welcome to the home of the 777's

Our clan was established on the principles that we are a gamer clan----not a shooter clan; in the hopes of providing a safe environment virtually for all gamers of any age. A place where all can have fun and socialize with friends, family, and visitors. Where performance is not measured but the principle of gaming is encouraged.        

FortyGHOST 777

It is a pleasure and a privilege to have this website started and to have all of you as a part of it. It is an honor to help in the creation of this site.  All of you have been an inspiration to me and I appreciate you all.


If you have questions or comments you can post at our bulletin board  and our editors will post them as soon as possible.

We have a new function or code for must read messages.

DEFCOM 3:  Meaning read at your leisure.

DEFCOM 2:  Meaning read as soon as possible.


The codes that you see will be put on must read messages.  Due to no color selection of XBOX Live text; we will just use the codes themselves on any messages stating where you must go on the website.

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